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Poonam / Radio Jockey

Poonam shows

She is witty, She is funny, She is Crazy.
She loves to prank people , So watch out guys because you are on radar now.
She loves dancing not actual one but ya definitely funny one.
She loves music and thats RJ Poonam for you guys.

Wake up with Poonam

To make your morning more beautiful more energetic and more exciting . RJ poonam is here where she will tell you about mood of the day and also play the best of songs so that you can handle anything in a day.

Kuch Khas Pal

We see stars. We like them we fall in love with their characters but what about their lives beyond action and cut.
To satisfy your curiosity RJ Poonam is here With an interesting show Which is “ Kuch Khas Pal where she tell you some interesting facts about your favourite stars. So stay tuned Guys.

Get Jokie With Radio Jokey

Guys we are living in a very serious world and we have so many tensions. Tension because of boss, Tension because of partner,
Tension because someone else is looking more hot. I mean there are so many tensions what about the fun?
Don’t Worry guys.. we know all your struggles, that’s why we are here with a Funny and amazing show called “ Get jokie with Radio Jokey”
Where she will make you laugh harder. Well, at least That’s the plan.
So stay tuned guys.


My Favourite Quote

“Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.” ~ Seneca