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Drive with Neevia

Enjoy the city and relax.

A very imaginative person who lives in an imaginary world most of the time.

When she reads and  when she writes

Because that’s when she is most alive

She also loves talking, talking to people, talking to animals, and talking to nature.

A big-time foodie, loves watching shows.

You’ll know about her soon because she is unfinished.

Punjab’s  Vibe

Your host RJ Neevia will Play the trendiest music of the season  so that you can keep with Punjab’s Vibe. Be it Modern , Urban , Desi. We have everything for you. As they say when your vibe will match my Vibe We call it …Vibe teri meri mildi aaa.. Vibe teri meri mildi aaa.

K- Buzzz

I wonder if k-Pop is buzzing in your head non- stop. Well if that’s the case then you are not alone my friend, because its happing to everyone and your host RJ Neevia will make sure that it will keep buzzing. From BTS to Blackpink , from Exo to Twice you can listen to your favorite K-Pop Idols and ofcource with lots of latest updates.

Trending Bollywood

What’s cooking in B-town…. Ohh I didn’t know that this movie was coming…. Woowww this song is littt why haven’t I heard it yet. Wait- wait -wait people if you want to know about these things then its simple because Oye radio is coming with a great show where your Host/Dost will play the latest Bollywood songs and will also tell you about upcoming movies.

Drive with Neevia

After a stressful day at work what you need the most is pleasant Drive back home , Soothing Music and a great RJ… and that’s what we are here for , So get ready guys RJ Neevia is here with a show full of great music, great Conversation and ya allot of information so that You can forget all the tiredness.


My Favourite Quote

“Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.” ~ Seneca